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This is kind of cool. I stumbled on this video on YouTube, called “Kyoto – Rising Dawn” and found it beautiful. Because of the obvious connection that ‘Zen Walk’ has to Japan, I decided to watch it with the song playing. Wow, it fit pretty well! This is the result:

It is pretty cool if you watch it full screen. Maybe with the visual to go along with the song, more people will be inspired to get the whole 5 song EP that we did last year.

I tracked down the guy who did it, Patrick Shyu, a.k.a Blue Eden, and he gracefully gave permission to put our music to it. The original video had some pretty good music already and is entitled “Kyoto – Rising Dawn”. His work can be found here at if you are interested. There are also links there to some of his other travel video work which can be breathtaking.

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  1. Very nice video and great job synching up the music, the transition points in the film and video fit perfectly. The Rhythm and energy of the music really emphasize movement. The music really puts you in the video traveling right along with them. Beautiful images too, makes me want to visit Japan. Thanks for creating and posting!

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