Original bassist for The Dixie Dregs, fwap, Zazen, and The Mistakes

 4 Time Grammy Nominated Bass Player

 Played on over 20 Commercially released Albums

I am primarily known by musicians for my work as a bassist and founding member of the band ‘The Dregs‘ a.k.a. The Dixie Dregs. Guitarist Steve Morse and I started our first band together when we met in high school. The Dregs were a pioneering instrumental rock fusion group who toured and recorded a lot in the late 70’s and early 80’s, with less frequent forays into the 90’s and the present. Check out the Music page for more information.

if you want to go down the rabbit hole, here are some interviews with me:

2018 – A pre-tour interview with Glide Magazine talking about The Dregs, and revisiting all the material.

2015 – By my friend Anthony Garone, who I met when I was still working at Pearson Education in Phoenix. I was one of the first to be interviewed at Make Weird Music. Even aside from my interview, I highly recommend that site!

 My non-musician life is semi-visible at LinkedIn