Here are some of my favorite musicians…the following all played on the Rama 1 CD:

  • Mike Keneally – I can’t say enough about Mike. Go here to find out about “The Mistakes” and more than you could ever hope to know about Mike and his pals.
  • Kit Watkins – Kit makes some incredible instrumental music. One of my favorite albums of his is called “Wet, Dark, and Low”, but his entire catalog is great. He also has sound bites available for download at his home page.
  • Toshi Iseda – a fantastic, gifted player.
  • Jonathan Mover – drummer extraordinaire
  • Jens Johansson – Keyboard wiz. His home page is pretty funny though he hasn’t changed it in a while.
  • Rod Morgenstein – Dregs drummer (as if you didn’t know).
  • Mike Portnoy – Dream Theater, monster, poll winning drummer. Amazing.

Friends, Acquaintences, and other amazing musicians:

  • Steve Morse – I am honored and humbled to have spent so much time on stage with this guy.
  • Henry Kaiser – One of the smartest, generally wonderful men I know. Brilliant at so many things.
  • Chad Wackerman – I had the pleasure of jamming with Chad at a MIke Keneally gig one year. Wow…
  • Bryan Beller – Bass player and awesome fellow. Works with Mikey a lot and Steve Vai and others as well. Just go check him out. All his solo albums are super great.

Other musicians in the top tier:

  • Steve Roach – Another incredible synthesist/composer. Put on “Dreamtime Return” at night and go way out there. His ambient stuff is very subtle..meaning if you don’t like ‘space’ you probably won’t like it. But personally, I love it all!
  • Shawn Lane – guitar god, one of the best improvisers on the planet. Thank you Shawn and RIP.
  • Jeff Sipe – Drummer – I finally did an album with Jeff! Five Times Surprise.
  • Tommy Emmanuel – I cannot say enough about this guitarist. Especially live, you must see him perform. It will make you happy. Trust me, it does not matter who you are.

This list should easily contain several hundred musicians…more to come….