Use Firefox or Safari

If you are using it you are a weenie. The CSS implementation for IE is just painful and if you have visited me using it, you know what I mean. My home page is screwed up…but I am too sick of messing around with it just to make it work in IE. No one should use IE.

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  1. Agreed! Firefox rules, Safari is second best, and IE is well… the thing you wipe toilet paper with!

    Am I the first comment of the year? Why yes I am!

    Keep rockin’ man!

  2. Agreed. IE is the tool of the devil. The amount of gratuitous CSS hacks I have to do just to make simple stuff work in IE is just soul-destroying.

    Firefox 3 is brilliant. Got the beta yet?

  3. I’m in the IT business, and I’ve seen more problems with IE than I can count. If someone has a problem with it, my solution is – and has been for a long time now – download Firefox.

    Firefox 3 is really sweet, as well. Nice and quick.

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