The Grammys

The curmudgeon in me says once again…’people are stupid’

I watched the Grammys last night. The music of today is in a very sad state when a 67 year old pianist playing a 84 year old composition is so far and away the best thing of the entire show….

That was Herbie Hancock playing George Gershwin’s ‘Rhapsody in Blue (dualing pianos with Lang Lang, who I had never heard of…). The composition and the performance were in stark contrast to:

  • “I want to check you over for ticks”…could have been done by Weird Al
  • All the howling that passes for soul and emotion
  • The simple craftsmanship of hip hop. 

I do confess to liking the Foo Fighters though…and Kid Rock was a little surprising. Amy Winehouse, lots of hype. She’s kind of interesting, but a major talent? Compared to? You decide…

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  1. I hear you Andy. I’m continuously disgusted at today’s popular music. Case in point, our southern rock band can’t get any play in Portland Oregon (where were from) because we don’t fit into the local ‘indy-music’ scene.

    Ironically, it’s Germans that are our biggest fans.

    P.S. Your work on The Mistakes is mind-blowing.

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