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I watched the 2007 Documentary “Les Paul: Chasing Sound”. It was really great and I highly recommend it. Actually for anyone, it is a very interesting and inspiring story. I had not heard some of the very innovative music he has done. And he was over ninety in this documentary….gad…

The other awesome thing about this is that, I simply stumbled on it while searching the Netflix library, then said add it to my “instant’ queue. There it was…simple as that. The TV is a terrible place to browse shows, so you still have to use Netflix, but there site is not bad. I’m impressed at how simple it is.

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  1. I agree that Les is a inspiration to musicians. From what I understand he is still gigging in his 90’s and still drops jaws with his guitar playing.
    One of the best 1st call Hollywood session players in the biz.

  2. Saw it on instant live at Netflix too Andy,I can totally relate.Yea,if you want a nice music program on U.S. tv forget it.In this day and age,you have more options thankfully.TV is obsolete as radio.Reruns,reruns.FM loves to play the same little top 40 and trendy bands all day and nite and give lots of equally deserving music absolutely zero airtime.Of course,anyone who knows anything or has something going for them does’nt need FM which is really just a device the greedy station owners use to exploit music and get rich off commercials always aired.”Oh,we can’t play something that is’nt a trendy big billboard hit cause if our sponsors hear us playing stuff the listener knows is’nt trendy hot they may pull their ads for fear our listeners will go elsewhere to be a part of the ‘in-crowd’!Its all thought control..

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