American Music Awards??? WTF???

So with the fascination of watching a train wreck live, I watched this show. Fortunately, I could Tivo it so I could fast forward…but OMFG the garbage!. This is like when the terms ‘moral’ and ‘ethics’ were co-opted by raving lunatics. American Music? stupid. The best act was a 53 year old Scottish woman. Annie Lennox is great, and I have to ask..well…how many of the so-called artists on stage will have a career when they are 53? Check out these ‘totally awesome’, freakin’, so-called AMERICAN MUSIC performers:

  • Christina Aguilara – blech…
  • Natasha Bedingfield – pretty crap
  • Beyonce – setting women back to the stone age
  • Mariah Carey – undeniable good pipes, but what garbage tunes
  • Coldplay – mildly interesting since they had Brian Eno produce their last album
  • Miley Cyrus – Taco Bell
  • The Fray – huh?
  • Jonas Brothers – Mouseketeers that have studied Mick Jagger and Elvis Costello
  • Alicia Keys – I can’t blame her for making money, she will be able to play real music later in her career since she is an actual musician. Kind of a modern day George Benson
  • Leona Lewis – huh?
  • Sarah Mclachlan – well, at least she has a nice voice to my ears
  • Ne-Yo – new yo? the latest short lived…
  • New Kids On the Block – you’ve got to be kidding me
  • Pink – mildly interesting as a rocker
  • Pussycat Dolls – who would have thought that soft porn still had a market, this really made me puke
  • Rihanna – like a bizarro world version of Prince? so wrong…
  • Taylor Swift – how many of these are there????
  • Kanye West – earned my respect for having Jon Brion produce his second album…but he still sucks
  • And that is who represents ‘Amercian Music’ in 2008???? I won’t even wast the typing time for the so-called winners..though I do love the fact that Alvin and the Chipmunks are the first listed. Good grief. It is as if the so called music industry is nothing but American Idol participants…er…wait, I think that is true. I am going back in my cave now…

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    1. It’s not just american music. All over the world music awards had become something tasteless and boring. Maybe there isn’t much more experimentation as it used to be. Great blog! Greetings from Argentina.

    2. I’m not sure, Andy, why you’d give Coldplay and Kanye a pass merely because they’ve worked with respectable producers. Eno and Brion are no less succeptible to embarrassing failures (witness Coldplay) and gargantuan lapses in judgement (see: Kanye) than your average mortal. But your comment on Taylor Swift made me laugh. I recently sent a letter to Bob Taylor on that very subject. Link here:

    3. Omg man I am so with you… That is why I don’t watch TV or even have one at home…
      Knowledge? Wikipedia, google.
      News? Yahoo, MSN, google.
      Music? iTunes (thought I don’t really like Apple), Amazon, YouTube, MySpace.

      There’s a site for EVERYTHING. Who needs a TV? And here in the UK you gotta pay a yearly license of about £150 to have crap been aired all the time!! No way!

      By the way Coldplay sucks so bad they make my ears hurt 🙁 Such plastic rock music… Brian Eno was good with what he did with David Bowie in the 70’s, but not even he can make Coldplay sound good. Can’t blame him for making money either, though (much like what you say Alicia Keys).

      Keep rockin’ and groovin’ mate

    4. Yea, we totally agree Andy.The music awards in America are so sad.After all the great music thats went down its a sad excuse for music all these suckfest gatherings.You often can’t even see one good act at these shows anymore.They get awarded and should get arrested and shipped off to music bootcamp to see if there’s any hope for them..??Headscratch
      Thanks for sharing Andy and all your great bass playing.You should be one of the heads of the bootcamp whippin’ their sorry butts into shape!

    5. I think that I am schizophrenic when it comes to music because I love Mahavishnu Orchestra and Larry Coryell and the Eleventh House as well as Coldplay. Natasha Bedingfield has a nice voice to my ears. But I feel the curmudgeon in me rise daily as I approach my death-day. Oh well.

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