Dregs 2017…40 years from Free Fall

So there is a whole history of the band somewhere, or maybe I will write it, but in 1977 we released our first album, Free Fall. Or as Steve used to call it ‘Eerf Fall’ because of the way they made the cover look. (See the silly cover here). I say ‘they’ because the record company and especially the people in LA treated us like a bunch of hicks from the south, and dressed us up, and came up with the whole thing,

Anyways, prior to that we had been kicking around Augusta and the south since 1975 when all the guys graduated college, and I had dropped out having lost a year or so somewhere…We played all over, slept on many floors, had many crazy experiences, blah blah, someday to be recounted with all the inaccuracies of memory impacting the accuracy of the stories. Anyways, it was actually an awesome time, as we finally felt we were getting some vindication and making headway signing with a major label and having a real release under our belts. The band at that time was Steve Morse. Rod Morgenstein, Allen Sloan, Steve Davidowski, and me.

So why am I writing this? Well, this particular configuration of the first commercially recorded band is still around, and we all got together at Steve’s studio in Florida to jam on the old tunes for a couple of days in early January. It was just fantastic to reconnect and play through some of the great compositions that Steve wrote even back then at such an early age. We sort of sucked a bit sometimes, but then again we also sort of sounded great! The short of it is that we all agreed that we could put something together that would be presentable to play these songs live again for an audience. So there is a lot to be worked out, and hopefully it can be, but there is nothing solid yet. Hoever, just the fact that we all did this, and of course, we just played some freakin’ awesome music was so cool and inspiring.

Below is a shot of us at dinner on the last evening:


Standing – David Sloan (Allen’s son), Allen Sloan, Rod Morgenstein, Steve Davidowski. Seated, me and Steve Morse

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  1. I heard the original lineup (above) at Great Southeast Music Hall, late 70’s. I was in awe at the level of musicianship and the compositions. Wow! Have every Dregs album and most of the Steve Morse Band albums. If DD goes on tour with original lineup I’ll be there! Great to see you all in one pic after all these years. TM

  2. Thanks for the post/info Andy. Look forward (God Willing) to see you guys again soon. God Bless You All! RIP “T”, you are Greatly Missed

  3. Good Lord, please do this while the experience is still fresh in your mind(s). (Whispering) If you do it, we will come…

  4. Crossing my fingers. I missed you guys at CMU by one year, and would relish the experience to enjoy your music live, after getting hooked in the ’70s.

  5. Wow – I’ve been a fan since the late ’70’s . . . they were the Dixie Dregs. I remember being in a band with older guys, I was 15 -16 , and whenever DD came around – My Father’s Place was a great venue on Long Island, the guys in the band always went. I could never get in, I know , Waaa Waaa Waaa. I did finally get in for their Industry Standard tour, by then the dropped the “Dixie” and were The Dregs. Man, they were so good. Since then I’ve seen The Dregs, The Steve Morse Band and The Dixie Dregs (Bring ’em Back Alive – I Think they kept the “Dixie”) so many times and Honestly Steve Morse is the only guitarist I’ve seen that makes me put my guitar down for a few days after seeing him . . . when I see other guitarists, I usually can’t wait to grab my guitar and try to play something I’ve seen.
    To this day, the best guitar show I’ve seen was at My Father’s Place, Steve Howe joined Steve Morse and they played Jeff Beck . . . Geez what a show . . . not to mention Allan Holdsworth played that night too.

  6. I can die and go to heaven if I can see you guys again! I was at the Roxy in 79 and haven’t seen a better concert since.

  7. The Dixie Dregs …. wow. .. . … …. … .. .Get in studio, rehearse -earn your notes again….and get your ass out on the road!!!!!
    Coach House specifically!!!!
    See you soon….
    Jack and Evelyn

  8. I blogged about you guys. Some knew you, some didn’t and wish they did. We are all on the edge of our seats awaiting (one hopes) a tour. My guess is it won’t happen till after Steve gets off the road with Deep Purple.

  9. The reunion of the original Dixie Dregs lineup is the best news I’ve heard in years…many years! Been a Dregs fan since early 1978 and at that point began to see you live as many times as possible. Had a Dregs license plate made for my car. I’d pull into a gig and people would look in, thinking I’m in the band. It’s great that Steve Davidowski is available to man the keyboards. Can’t get over how cool this is. Hopefully several dates in the CT/NY region? I’m ready!!!

  10. Thank you for creating some of my favorite music… I continue to listen and still feel quite moved by your work. I also have to say that you (Andy) where one of the first base players that really got my attention. Thank you for your massive contribution to all the bass players out there who are still trying to figure out some of the magic you play.

  11. Great show in Augusta!!! Still got it! Another album??? I was in high school when I first heard you guys. As a bass player myself (or maybe just a bass owner at this point) you were one of the guys who pointed me toward progressive music. Was on the 6th row right in front of you and still blown away.

    God bless. -al

  12. Just saw you in Milwaukee. Struggling to find the correct adjectives to express how wonderful it was… thank YOU (and the rest of the gang).

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