Having played around with Grails, I think it is a suitable development and deployment technology choice, especially for java shops. It seems to be gaining traction and with the endorsement of Rob Johnson framed in the context of his companies acquisition of G2One. His explanation of why it makes sense is here and is very succinct and articulate. It seems like there will be lots of growth. All the goodness of RoR with extra power and leverage when you need it. Having gone through working with Hibernate around the transition from Hibernate 1 to Hibernate 2 and sticking with it (the current is V3.4) I really like how Grails lets you just not worry about it…of course, like anything good technically, you can get down into it easily if you want to. They just make it easy to avoid the temptation. I am working on a web app that will use Grails and also expose services accessible for the iPhone. I’ll post more on that later…

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