Andy West and Craig Pallet – Zen Walk

Finally, some new music! Well not exactly new, but no one has heard it before now. This is a collection of 5 songs Craig Pallett and I have been collaborating on for a while now. Craig is a super talented composer you should check out who has a wide range of interests and styles.

We have actually been at this several years, off and on, working remotely from each other in our own studios writing and recording on computer rigs. A while ago, we decided to commit to release 5 songs and see what happens. There are about 5-7 more in various stages of completion, but at the rate I am working, its better to get ‘something’ out. I think the set holds together well and matches a nice attention span of about 30 minutes or so.

The music is a combination of electronic and organic, with lots of arranging and attention to detail if you care to hear it. My suggestion is to listen attentively, perhaps when alone driving in your car…or maybe even somewhere with your eyes closed. It is mostly computer based, and not really rock, jazz, chamber, or new age. But some kind of legitimate fusion of those, and probably really out of fashion. The cool thing is we love it.

Anyways, we hope you enjoy this and please check it out and let us know!

Its only $4 for now, so please give us some positive feedback by purchasing on Bandcamp here!

Besides just getting the music out to anyone who might care to listen, I wanted to get familiar with current distribution and payment models and see if anything could work for me other than ‘free’. We’ll see, but that is for another post. The simple news is we are using Bandcamp and DistroKid for electronic distribution and licensing. No physical copies of it yet, as at this point it makes no sense.