Food Inc.

A Couple of years ago I read Michael Pollan’s Omnivores Dilemma and it really affected me. Anytime there are strong opinions, there will be strong arguments made. Still, I can’t help but this one is correct. In my experience, although everyone is affected deeply by the food industry, this is a topic most people are way too busy to think about and most people I broach the topic to are ‘fine’ with the status quo.

Now for those of you who have lost your attention span for reading anything more than two minutes long on a web page, there is a movie(!) about this important topic.


What the Heck?

I read Michael Pollan’s book, the ‘Omnivores Dilemma‘ last year and well, it pretty much freaked me out. This is a really great book to read as it explains a lot about the origins of the trouble with our food supply and the politics and the people involved in it. It also accurately states the problem, in my opinion. So get it…but here is a link to an article he wrote in December that I think is astonishing. Read this article now, it takes 10-15 minutes, and if you like almonds as much as I do, ponder it…NY Times article by Michael Pollan