What the Heck?

I read Michael Pollan’s book, the ‘Omnivores Dilemma‘ last year and well, it pretty much freaked me out. This is a really great book to read as it explains a lot about the origins of the trouble with our food supply and the politics and the people involved in it. It also accurately states the problem, in my opinion. So get it…but here is a link to an article he wrote in December that I think is astonishing. Read this article now, it takes 10-15 minutes, and if you like almonds as much as I do, ponder it…NY Times article by Michael Pollan 

Politics as Usual

My one and only post on this…(right)…I am very depressed about the current election trends. Once again, it seems everything is about style over substance. And the criticism by the media is completely to blame in my opinion. There is no reasoned, rational reporting, it is all ‘entertainment’. Anytime I want to get really depressed, I read the “Daily Howler“. This is a site I have been reading for years. Basically, the guy is a media analyzer who points out inaccuracies, scripts, and biases in the media. If you ever wondered why so many people are so stupidly brainwashed, this is the place to discover the answer.