I started playing music professionally after leaving college in 1975 to play with my high school friend, Steve Morse, in the Dixie Dregs. That lasted through 1983 when the band broke up (first time).

I have done a bunch of stuff since then including two sort of reunions in 1999 when we opened for Dream Theater and 2000 when we recorded a live album called California Screamin’. All this can be found on the Dregs page.

Here are the some of them (samples of the music can be found on youtube if you are ambitious):

Rama 1fwap, and Zazen (all are links to pages on this site)

The Mistakes – (at Mike Keneally’s site) a veritable supergroup (hah!) with Prairie Prince, Mike Keneally, and Henry Kaiser. Some good detail from Mike’s site.

Crazy Backwards Alphabet – (wikipedia) very ‘outside’ and interesting. Some people don’t understand it and I understand why…

Mind’s Eye – (wikipedia) Vinnie Moore’s first album with a Tony McAlpine on keyboards and Tommy Aldridge on drums.