Rama 1


This is my first album in my name. I can’t call it a ‘solo’ album because it’s not, it was truly a group effort with me creating the basic songs and the song forms but with each musician creating their own parts. Check out some of the sound files below. There are samples from every song on the CD. The musicians are listed for each track. I played bass on all the tracks. I also played some rhythm guitar stuff and wrote all of the sampled sections and a lot of the keyboard ‘colors’ that you hear on it.

All of the musicians on this album are some of the finest on the planet, literally. If you do not know of them, please click through and learn…

You can hear it all below….click on the link to open in a web page, or right click to save…

Mad March – MP-drums. MK-guitar, keys, TI-guitars, AW

Meetings – MP-drums. MK-guitar&keys, JJ-keys, TI-guitars, AW

Herd Instinct – RM-drums,MK-guitar, AW

Bloomsday – JM-drums, TI-guitars, MK-guitar, keys, AW

Old Meat Frame – RM-drums, TI-guitars, MK-guitar, vocals, AW

Memento Mori -JM-drums, TI-guitars, MK-guitars,keys, TL-keys, AW

Qubit – RM-drums,MK-guitar, AW<

Government – RM-drums, TI-guitars, MK-guitars,keys, AW

Resonate – RM-drums, MK-guitar, KW-keys,sax (synth), AW