Politics as Usual

My one and only post on this…(right)…I am very depressed about the current election trends. Once again, it seems everything is about style over substance. And the criticism by the media is completely to blame in my opinion. There is no reasoned, rational reporting, it is all ‘entertainment’. Anytime I want to get really depressed, I read the “Daily Howler“. This is a site I have been reading for years. Basically, the guy is a media analyzer who points out inaccuracies, scripts, and biases in the media. If you ever wondered why so many people are so stupidly brainwashed, this is the place to discover the answer.

Return to Forever to Tour Again

I will definitely go. Chick Corea’s site has some comments and interviews with the band members. Pretty cool, I never saw them live though we did 10 or 12 dates with Stanley Clarke one year, now that was cool!

I Built a New Website

I suppose I am sort of proud of the fact that I have a 3 letter domain name that is a word(!) But since I am such an inveterate DIY kind of guy, I don’t know if my long association with the web and maintaining my own site is actually a ‘good’ thing. Gad does it take a long time to futz with a website(!) I have recently had some time to update it and found it to be a real time-sucker. But still, I am compelled… This time I tried to decide if I should go back to Dreamweaver and all its complexity or use something simple like RapidWeaver (which I have from last years MacHeist but it is needs to be upgraded to V3.6) I tried it and thought I was going to be ok…but no…it kind of sucked at what I wanted to do. Maybe I am just used to DW. I als looked for a template I liked for WordPress thinking I could use that as a site, and it almost works! But in the end I decided to use both DW and WP.